In Venice, there’s a photo opportunity around every corner. It’s really cool to walk around a city with no cars — just narrow canals and even narrower streets. It’s easy to get lost wandering through side streets.

Perugia is a hidden gem in the heart of Italy. I wouldn’t have gone there had it not been for a friend who was staying there, but I’m so glad I went. The historic city is perched high above the rolling Italian hills, and it offers a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.

Rome is invigorating and suffocating at the same time. There’s so much history to see, and there’s always something happening. Walking through the Colosseum was a surreal experience. After three days of weaving through swarms of people, though, I was ready for the relative quiet of Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

I split my time between Sorrento, Capri, and Amalfi. It was amazing to see Sorrento’s black sand, and the water was warm enough to swim in. Capri is a dream-world. I rented a boat with some friends, and we cruised around the island, stopping to tour the Blue Grotto and swim through the Green Grotto. Later, we took a chairlift up to Anacapri, which offered an amazing view of the island from above. In Amalfi, we headed up to Ravello by bus for another incredible view.

Things I’ve seen:

What I’m reading:

Best local food I’ve eaten:

Gelato everywhere. I started buying it in tubs at the grocery store, because it was cheaper than going to gelaterias.

Runner-up: Pizza in Capri. A lot of the pizza I’ve had in Italy has been a little too limp and light on toppings for my liking, but it was perfect in Capri.

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