2016: “We Need to Deal with This”: John Ralston Saul on Reconciliation
An interview with author John Ralston Saul, Companion of the Order of Canada, on the issue of reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

2014: Sisters of All Nations

A feature on the Sisters Of All Nations women’s hand drum group at Western University and the power of music in bringing people together.

2014: Memories of the Embassy Hotel
A feature on the history of the former Embassy Hotel as a cultural hub, and how a group of artists looks to carry on its tradition today. Interviews with free musician Eric Stach, rapper Shad, and visual artist Kelly Jazvac.

2014: Interview with Justin Trudeau
Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau visited Fanshawe College on his campaign tour of Canadian post-secondary campuses and spoke to students. He speaks with XFM News about what the future holds for young Canadians, the need to protect the environment, his father’s legacy, and why he feels marijuana should be legalized.

2014: “One on One with Dr. Lorina Naci”
Dr. Lorina Naci is the lead researcher behind a scientific breakthrough at Western University’s Brain and Mind Institute, where researchers have found a way to detect consciousness in vegetative patients by showing them Hitchcock episodes.

2014: “Her Brain Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree” (Dr. Adrian Owen and the Brain and Mind Institute)
Researchers at Western University have found a way to communicate with patients in a vegetative state. I sit down with Dr. Adrian Owen and his team to talk about their findings and what the next step in their research is.

2013: “We’re All in the Same Boat”: Shelagh Rogers on Depression
Ahead of the lecture by Shelagh Rogers, host of CBC’s The Next Chapter, at Windermere on the Mount in London, Ontario, we sat down to talk about her experience with depression, misconceptions surrounding mental health, and how “we’re all in the same boat.” Winner of the 2014 RTDNF CBC/Barbara Frum Scholarship for Interviewing.

2013: “Graff Time”
There’s always been a compulsion by humans to leave a mark. How should we view graffiti: as vandalism or street art? This feature explores the public perception of graffiti and its adaptations.

2013: “Chalk Thoughts”
Who says chalk is for kids? Two young men from Kitchener-Waterloo are bringing chalk back to our attention after starting a website called The two post photos of chalk drawings in different places and encourage others to submit their own.



Conversation with Western Mustangs Ringette players Rachel McCormack and Jacqueline Tiffin about their 2013-14 season and the challenge of getting Ringette recognized as an OUA varsity sport (March 23, 2014).

Conversation with retired Western Mustangs cross country coach and London Sports Hall of Fame inductee Bob Vigars about his lengthy career, as well as what lies ahead (November 17, 2013).

Sideline interview with Canadian Olympic decathlete Damian Warner during the 2013 Yates Cup at TD Stadium (November 9, 2013).

Sideline interview with running back Garret Sanvido during the Western Mustangs football home-opener against the Carleton Ravens (September 2, 2013).

Sideline interview with defensive back Malcolm Brown after the Western Mustangs football season-opener against the Toronto Varsity Blues (August 25, 2013).


A segment from August 1st, 2014, joining Eric Drozd on the 570 News Midday Show to talk about the Guelph transit lockout and how citizens were dealing without the buses running.


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