Mole-Catching, Kayak-Building, and Neurorecovery: the Latest from Story Untold

Ever wonder what it’s like to haul a whale out of the water? Or wanted to learn the secrets to catching moles in an English garden? Things have been busy on the podcast front with another batch of stories: from stone age survival skills in the Pacific Northwest, to Vegas-borne viruses and spinal cord rehabilitation. Below, you’ll find the latest episodes of Story Untold — available on your podcast provider of choice. Enjoy!

Kiliii Yüyan (Part 1): “I never stayed put” and (Part 2): “Let reality unfold before you”

As a young Chinese-American, Kiliii Yüyan’s earliest stories came from his Nanai grandmother — stories of hunters riding orcas and roaming the seas. Now a National Geographic photographer, Nia Tero Storytelling Fellow, kayak builder, and sought-after speaker, Yüyan explores the “human relationship to the natural world,” often through stories of polar regions and Indigenous communities.

Marc Hamer: “This is a small life”

Marc Hamer has lived a great many lives — from wandering the English countryside as a homeless teen to teaching creative writing to inmates. His debut book, How to Catch a Mole, has been called “effortlessly readable,” translated into twelve languages and longlisted for the Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing.

Benveet Gill: “Nothing is designed for people with disabilities”

In 2012, Benveet Gill was on holiday in Las Vegas when a virus paralyzed her from the waist down. Since then, she’s co-launched ReYu, an Edmonton-based not-for-profit promoting neurorecovery; and become an advocate for changing attitudes around disability.

Henning Beck: “The brain is the last and greatest mystery in science”

Remember that time you forgot your own phone number? Or how about that time you messed up a simple math equation? In Scatterbrain, neuroscientist Henning Beck explains why perfectionism is pointless — and argues that mistakes, missteps, and flaws are the keys to success.


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