Vienna was a nice surprise. I knew there would be plenty to marvel at architecturally, but I wasn’t sure how lively the city would be. As I soon learned, the answer is very lively. Of course, the Baroque buildings are spectacular, but I most enjoyed walking along the Danube and seeing all of the street art along the canal walls. It makes for a nice splash of colour in the middle of the city.

I went to Melk on my last day in Vienna. The town is famous for its Stift Melk abbey, and it straddles the Danube as part of the Wachau region. Oddly, the whole town square smelled like Mr. Noodles curry stock. Right across the river, there’s a little strip of beach by Emmersdorf. It was a great place to sit down and relax for a little while.

Salzburg is simply stunning: rolling hills, green grass, and snow-capped mountains as far as the eye can see. I hardly spent any time in the city itself; instead, I happily lost myself in the hillside forest trails and enjoyed the view.

As great as everything else was, the highlight of my time in Austria, without question, was going to Hallstatt. I spent the day there on my last day in Salzburg, and the view was just incredible. It’s the kind of place where the rest of the world’s problems don’t exist: the town sits on the edge of a lake, surrounded by mountains in all directions. I could spend a month there and not get tired.

Things I’ve seen:

What I’m listening to:


Sam Roberts – We Were Born in a Flame
The Extremities feat. Kaleb Simmonds – “Look My Way”
K-OS feat. Saukrates – “I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman”

What I wish I was watching:

Raptors playoff basketball.

Best food I’ve eaten:

I’m scrapping the “local” qualifier this time around, because the food I had at Der Wiener Deewan was too good to ignore. It’s an all-you-can-eat, pay-as-you-wish (in other words, my dream) style restaurant in Vienna that serves Pakistani cuisine. As you might’ve guessed, I was a repeat customer. The world needs more places like this.

2 thoughts on “Austria

  1. Karen Metzger 04/18/2015 — 4:16 pm

    I loved the last 2 photos of the alps. I could stay there for awhile

    1. Thanks, I was thinking of you while I was there!

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