France and Belgium

Paris was absolutely incredible. The city has an unmistakable charm to it that sets it apart from other cities in the world. It’s a gathering place for people from all over the globe, and the atmosphere is refreshingly vibrant and full of life. Side note: I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in baguettes while I was there.

I only spent a day in Brussels, but it managed to surprise me. The city looks pretty nondescript from the outer boroughs heading into town, but that all changes the minute you set foot into Grote Markt. The square’s centuries-old Gothic buildings are stunning. I also learned very quickly that eating Belgian waffles with a beard is virtually impossible to do without making a mess.

Bruges might be the most picturesque city I’ve ever seen. Every corner you turn, there’s something beautiful and unexpected. The chocolate and beer are fantastic too.

Things I’ve seen:

Nighttime in Paris.

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Grote Markt, Brussels.

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Bruges, Belgium.

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What I’m listening to:

Blu & Exile – Below The Heavens

What I’m reading:


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